DIY your own wireless router now!
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 What is WifiPi? 
WifiPi smart router comes with a micro computer, a wireless adeptor and the OS. With it we have have more application designed for the wireless network.
We have features like file sharing and remote accessing. Smart music playing. However wifipi is designed to be extendable.

 Why to make WifiPi? 
Router is an important part of your network, it will affect your experience of Internet.
WifiPi first comes with the idea of DIY your own router, basicly WifiPi is a micro computer with CPU and RAM, and features can be added by software upgrading.

We're in beta now.
Submit your email, so that we can contact you to send you preview version.

What features does WifiPi have?

The basic feature, it works as a router, you can connect to Internet through WifiPi. WifiPi comes with enough memory and CPU, we can ensure that the bottle neck of your Internet speed is not on the router.
How fast is WifiPi?

The kit we're providing speed of 150MB. Based on the tester's feedback, WifiPi works great.
What if I already have some components?

If you already have some component we mentioned, you can just buy the rest components from our web site. However, please email us before you're trying to use your own device in WifiPi system:
What else can WifiPi do?

WifiPi is built on a Raspberry Pi. If you love to hack the software and create anything interesting´╝îyou should go ahead. Don't forget to let us know!

Please contact our sales' email: